Nail-care for beautiful, healthy looking nails!
During our everyday activities we are exposed to large volumes of harmful materials, for example washing powder or acetone, which especially damage nails, dries them out and makes them vulnerable.
Removing cuticles is an important part of nail-care. It needs to be done with caution, as our skin can be easily damaged. If you are unsure of your own hands, why don’t you leave it to an expert? It is also good to know, that once you start removing your cuticle, you will have to continuously do so.

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The secrets of well kept feet

In the Far East everyday leg- and foot care processes are taught to little girls early on, so that their feet would be healthy and beautiful for life. They tell them that feet are an ornament to women, and emphasize the importance of regular foot-care. Our feet carry all of our weight; a body part exposed to such a burden needs special care.