Body treatments

1. Lymphatic drainage massage

Due to the apparatus.

In order to get rid of hate kilograms, you need t ovisit at least 5 sessions, first result will be seen after the second procudure.

2. Cavitation.

No diets, wrapping, or other popular techniques. Cant destroy a fat-cell. Its only can reduce its size.
Tiny silouette can quickly change into a chubby shape, if there is a cheat in diet.
Cavitation by ultrasound on the fat cell breaks its firm membrane, and lymphatic massage helps to bring out the contents of the cell out
The effect of cavitation is both to the same goal. To get rid of the fat in one’s problem, it’s possible in the course of 10-15 sessions which are carried out at least for 5 days (for restoration of an organism).

3. Wrapping.
The technique of “mummification” of problem zones is very popular.
Wraps can remove cellulite, burn fat and improve the skin condition.

4. Non-surgical liposuction for figure correction.

It often happens that the weight appears to be normal. But such cosmetic defects as “ears” at the waist, “riding breeches” on the hips, “buns” on the hands or flabby tummy spoil the impression. However much they try to correct these shortcomings with diet or exercise. It is in these cases that non-surgical liposuction will help to correct the figure. This method is based on laser lipolysis – the splitting of the subcutaneous fat with the cold laser light.

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Цены на услуги

Our specialists will offer you the procedure necessary for your skin.
Remember that to maintain the result, you need to adjust the food, excluding from it high-calorie and harmful foods – all this will allow you to forget about the excess weight.